Privy and Dump Digging Spring Steel Probes

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Probe Information


All of my probes are made from spring steel. Spring steel is a better quality steel for probes because hot rolled is too flexible and will bend out of shape...kind of like industrial made tile probes. After one season of digging, industrial made tile probes are pretty much ruined. Besides, those probes are not designed and built for the kind of torture that we put ours through. This is why I prefer to make my own, I know they will last for quite awhile. Basically the spring steel is flexible enough to get the job done, but still has the resiliency to maintain it's shape. It will bend and flex but won’t warp. I made my first one over 3 years ago and it's still straight as a whistle.

Shaft Diameter

I make my probes out of 5/16” and ¼” Diameter spring steel. Since both sizes are thin, they’ll slide through the ground like a warm knife through soft butter.



I've also given the handle some extra reinforcement to help distribute the pressure being exerted as the probe is continually being pushed into the ground. The handles are hollow because I've found that the sound reverberating up the shaft is better than if it had grips on it. By the way, I can either weld the handle to the shaft or will thread it and ship the nuts along with it. Your choice. I also spray paint the handles black or fluorescent orange so you won't lose sight of it in the grass.  You decide the color when you e-mail your order.


The tip is of a design that I have found to be quite effective. Looks kind of like a rounded, upside down triangle with a wide base. This wide base allows extra dirt to be pulled from the ground, allowing for easier visibility of the what the soil has to show.


All of the welding is done with a MIG welder.  The MIG welder allows for superb welds while keeping the composition of the steel intact and not changing the molecular structure.  There are two welds: One on the top of the handle and one on the bottom of the handle.  These two welds add a measure of extra strength from the continuous pushing and pulling while the probe is in use.

Sizes & Pricing

I make 4 foot probes. I am currently working on one of 3 foot. The 3 footer is really handy when you're nearing the bottom of the pit and want to see how much more you have to dig. Also good for probing the walls. It's smaller and easier to maneuver in the small confines of the pit. The 6 foot probes are made upon request due to special threading and extra time involved.

3 Foot: $20.00

4 Foot: $30.00

5 Foot: $40.00


Ask me about special pricing with two or more probes


Shipping will be determined by weight and distance. I don’t believe in flat rate shipping nor do I believe in handling fees.


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*The probe arrived and i love it thanks Heath

 happy huntin...


* Its awsome. I have tried to build a couple of these
 before but when i would take the material to a
 welding shop they would never seem to do it right.
 It would break... but I love how yours is built and
 should have it for a long time.


*I've been privy digging for 20 years and have had many, many probes.  Your's is by far the best I have ever woned.  And thank you for being able to recondition the tip.  I love the way it "sings" as it enters the ground.  Thanks again.

-John Somalski Sr.

*Fast shipping and a great probe.  Thanks for making something accessible that's hard to find.  I wish you luck.


*I've looked and looked for a probe.  You were great to talk to and so informative on how to use my new probe.  I don't think I'll get one from someone else.  You have a lifetime customer here.

-Ken Yousefenson


Shipping Information

  • Shipping is done by weight and distance from me to you.
  • Due to the irregular size and shape of the package, the USPS charges a non-machinable surcharge.  This is because the packages cannot be processed by machine, they need to be done by hand.  The surcharge averages around $6.00 per package.
  • UPDATE 2/22/09:  The USPS has increased their shipping rates yet again.  The non-machinable surcharge is $6.50 per 4 foot probe.  $9.00 for a 5 foot probe and $12.50 for a 6 foot probe.  I do apologize for this and am against it 100% but it's the rules and I have to go with it in order to ship.
  • E-mail me with your ZIP code and I will be able to give you a shipping quote.  Shipping has averaged between $11.00 and $16.00 thus far. 


Please contact me at the below e-mail address.  Also include the following:

  • Size of probe(s) you want to order
  • Color of handle.  Black or fluorescent orange.
  • Address and zip code for shipping quote